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Advanced Skin Care


The team at Betty Lash takes great pride in the improvement our clients have seen in their skin. You can also get similar results by experiencing our results-focused skin care services and product regimens.

Let our knowledgeable and dedicated skin care providers be your consultants; guiding you to the skin you desire. Just one treatment with our estheticians will give you better looking skin and a plan to get you on the road to more

great results and even greater self-esteem.

In order to give you the most productive skin care treatment, we will customized each facial to your specific needs. Our facials range anywhere from $125-$350A consultation will be given before the treatment begins, in order to ensure that the client and service provider have the same understanding of what the end results and goals will be.



Rapid Retexture – Deeper Vitamin A Peel, paired with the Microdermabrasion treatment. ($190)

On-the-Go-Glow – Microdermabrasion treatment with a peel. ($155)

Full Clinical Repair – Customized facial that consists of cleansing, toning, a 50% lactic peel, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage massage, extractions for breakouts and a nutritive and remineralizing masque. ($215+)

Microcurrent – A low-level current that mimics the body's natural current. Considered the non-surgical "face lift" procedure, increasing elasticity, smoothing lines, lifting skin, reducing furrows, reducing crepiness. ($145+)

Dermaplaning – A highly effective exfoliation procedure which removes the top layer of dead skin cells by gently using a surgical scalpel, for smoothing the skin, lightening spots, reducing pore size and removing vellus hair (peach fuzz). ($110)

Dermasound Elite – A luxurious skin treatment system that uses low frequency sound waves to perform aesthetic services in a unique and highly effective way. The Dermasound Elite system provides superior exfoliation that intensifies and enhances the peeling action of chemical solutions. The second step ensures maximum product penetration through ultrasonic technology. For skin smoothing, hydration, firming, pigment reduction, acne improvement. ($215)

Descriptions of Treatments Used In Our Facials

Microdermabrasion – A non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of micro-crystals to remove the top layer of dead skin cells for reduction of scarring, pore size, acne, wrinkles and smoothing uneven skin texture.

Peels – A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off.  We currently offer lactic, glycolic, salicylic, retinol, TCA and Jessners peels for reduction of sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation, pore size, and fine lines, resulting in smoother skin.

Extractions – A process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore which essentially causes white or blackheads.

TCA Peel, Vitamin A (Retinol) Peel, Jessners Peel – Medium depth peeling for dramatic results in anti-aging, acne, scarring and pigment reduction.

Vitamin C & Oxygen Therapy – Intense antioxidant and anti-aging therapies for age prevention.

Telangiectasia Vascular Treatments – Procedure for removing blood moles, angiomas, facial veins, hyperplasia and colorless papules.