Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement that mimics real hair strokes. The technique used in Microblading ensures that the hair strokes are crisp and clean, to look like individual hairs.


The first appointment is called the Initial Session:

Master Artist | $695

We will first apply a topical numbing cream on, and around your eyebrow area. Then, you will sit and relax in our comfortable lounge for 30-45 minutes of numbing.

  • Next, we will take "before" pictures, so we can document the changes in your eyebrows.

  • Then, you will be given a very detailed consultation in order to ensure that you and the service provider are on the same page with the desired results.

  • After the consultation, we will pigment match to your specific hair and skin color.

  • A professional evaluation and measurement of your eyebrows will take place, in order to ensure a natural and youthful appearance of the brows.

  • After this, we will get started with the actual blading process.

  • Once the desired brow has been achieved, we will ask for your final input, to ensure that you are pleased with the appearance of your brows.

  • Lastly, we will take "after" pictures, explain the after-care process in-depth and then schedule you for your perfecting session!


The second appointment is called the Perfecting Session:

Master Artist | $450

This session is scheduled between 4-6 weeks after the Initial Session. This will give your eyebrows enough time to heal.

  • We will re-add any marks that may not have healed properly or were accidentally removed during the early days of the healing process.

*Perfecting Session  Pre-Pay Promo: 

 Master Artist: $250

  • In order to secure a lower rate for the Perfecting Session, you will have the option to pre-pay for this service at the end of your Initial Session. This promo is only valid during the front desk check-out process, directly following your first Initial Session.


Additional Session- The Volume Boost Session:

Master Artist | $450

This appointment is encouraged for those who want even thicker brows, or those who want a more polished and finished look before their brows start to fade.

  • Typically done 6 months after the Perfecting Session.

  • The session is also our yearly touch-up appointment for clients that have not let all of their microblading fade away.