Lash Sets


Darling Set

Minimum of 90 lashes per eye

A fit for anybody who likes to be just a few steps ahead of the rest! Wave off any need to wear mascara. This Is your perfect day- to- day lash set!

Level 1: $225 member | $325 non-member 

Level 2: $275 member | $375 non-member


Vogue Set

70-80 volume lash fans per eye.

This luxurious set is for those wishing to make a statement and is a must-have for special occasions!

$300 member | $400 non-member

Betty Set

Minimum of 70 lashes per eye

If you want a beautiful look, but not too much, this is going to be your set! You will be glowing and your friends will be wondering what you have done!

Level 1: $175 member | $275 non-member  

Level 2: $225 member | $325 non-member


Glam Set

Minimum of 110 lashes per eye

Our most popular set! Feel your confidence boost with this lovely lash set. You will be sure to light up any room, day or night. Yes, you can truly live mascara-free!

Level 1: $275 member | $375 non-member

Level 2: $325 member | $425 non-member

Max Set

100-120 volume lash fans per eye

The maximum number of lashes imaginable! Truly perfect for those who love a dramatic look!

Level 2: $350 member | $450 non-member


Add Ons

Lip Mask | $5

Eye Lift Treatment | $15

Lash Fills

Level Two Lash Fills

Hour: $85 member | $125 non-member

       1.25 Hour: $100 member | $145 non-member

      1.50 Hour: $110 member | $165 non-member

Transfer Fill: $75 member | $125 non-member

Volume Upgrade: $10 member | $15 non-member

Level One Lash Fills

1 Hour: $65 member | $105 non-member 

  1.25 Hour: $80 member | $125 non-member 

  1.50 Hour: $90 member | $145 non-member 

   Transfer Fill: $65 member | $105 non-member

Volume Upgrade: $10 member | $15 non-member 


Choosing the right look

Before you begin your service with us, we will sit down and have a consultation to ensure both parties are on the same page about the look the client is wanting to achieve.

Types of Extensions

We use a blend of synthetic and silk eyelash extensions. We also offer a wide variety of lengths, widths, and curl to give you a customized look.

Classic vs. Volume Lashes

Classic lash extensions are when you place one extension on top of one natural eyelash. Volume is laying 3 or more lashes (made into a fan) on top of one natural eyelash.




Drink caffeine before the appointment

Avoid water contact on the lashes for the first 24 hours after your appointment

Tug, rub, pull, twist, pick at lash extensions

Sleep on your face

Use any eye creams or make up products containing oils or glycerin


Gently cleanse lashes daily

Lightly brush lashes daily

Sleep on a silk pillow case

Maintain your lashes by getting fills every 2-3 weeks


Level 1 Lash Stylist

Level 1 has gone through extensive training at Betty Lash and always adheres to the Betty Lash standards.

Level 2 Lash Stylist

Level 2 has gone through the same training as Level 1, but provides a more rapid service time and has more experience at Betty Lash.

Lash Members

Our lash members make a nominal monthly payment that secures a lower service rate. Members will also receive 10% off any other service, plus 5% off all retail-- definitely an amazing deal!