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Organic Sunless Tanning

Organic Sunless

Airbrush Tanning

Custom organic tanning expertly applied by an esthetician to give you results ranging from a flawless sun-kissed glow to a deep beautiful Caribbean bronze. You choose! Rapid and standard developing options available. We provide a very private and professional tanning experience for all of our clients and will make you feel comfortable throughout your tanning appointment.


Organic Standard Tan /   $45

This tan is recommended for all skin types and colors. Standard 8 hour wash off time.


Organic Rapid Tan   / $65

Our Organic Rapid Tan formula will leave able to rinse off in just 2-4 hours rather than the standard 8-hour wash off time. Recommended for all skin types and colors. Great for same day events or time sensitive clients. This is our most popular tan!


Infuse your Tan!

Scent / $3

DHA Booster / $3

Shimmer / $3

Combine any 2 for $5.


Group Tanning

Please call us directly to inquire about tanning parties and group rate specials!

Properly Prepping for Tan:


It is very important to have clean, dry and exfoliated skin. Any residue on the skin may act as a barrier making the tan less effective. Exfoliate your body with a oil-free based exfoliant prior to your tanning session. You may use a wash cloth and brown sugar to exfoliate. Wax or shave no more than 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. Refrain from applying any lotion, oils, fragrances and deodorant to your body prior to your appointment. You may wear a bathing suit, underwear & bra or nothing at all (option for women only)!  We provide a very private and professional tanning experience for all of our clients and will make you feel comfortable throughout your tanning appointment.


To ensure a long and beautiful tan, avoid contact with water for at least the first 8 hours for a standard tan, or 2-4 hours if using the rapid technique. Please bring flip-flops or sandals to wear after your appointment. It is recommended that you wear loose clothing without elastic waistbands or straps such as a sundress. Also, wear clothing that is darker in color due to the bronzer in the tan possibly rubbing off on your clothing, but should easily wash out. Avoid bar soap especially Dove and the like. Use a mild body wash to extend the life of the tan. After showering apply a highly moisturizing paraben-free & sulfate-free moisturizer each and every day to extend the life of the tan and allow for even fading. Avoid exfoliants, hot shower and Jacuzzi soaks. Excessive swimming and perspiration can fade your tan as well as chlorine pools and hot tubs. Make sure to always use sunscreen. Your spray tan is not a sun protectant. The better prepped your skin is for the spray tan and cared for after will determine the longevity and quality of the http://successessay.co.uk/ tan.

With proper moisturizing your tan is expected to last 7 to 10 days!

Background on Our Tanning Solution:

The main ingredient DHA is certified organic by ECOCERT a European certification. ECOCERT is internationally known and considered the most important organization which supplies “Organic Certifications” Its standards are very strict, and it supervises the entire production – the creation of formulas, the manufacturing, filling and packaging process.  The DHA reacts with the proteins in your skin to create the beautiful bronze color that is achieved.

Why choosing a healthy way to tan will make you feel fabulous! Our tanning solutions provides all that by blending antioxidants, moisturizers and beautiful golden colors that do not streak, and can be customized for all skin types.
Our Estheticans will have a brief consultation with you to determine which custom color will be best for you!

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